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Youth, teen and adult.



Frances Saxton has been working with actors for the past ten years. Frances encourages her actors to make big choices, use their imagination while finding the immense joy of performance. Coaching with Frances will teach you the tools and techniques needed for an audition and performance.

  • Middle/High school/BFA/MFA audition preparation

  • Monologue coaching for professional auditions- stage and screen.

  • Cold read preparation

  • Script analysis technique

  • Crafting new audition material



Competitive, affordable rates available

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Professional Development for Staff

Retaining Frances Saxton was one of the most important decisions I have made during the covid crisis.  All of our sales team has been shifted to remote use of media with a heavy emphasis on telephone presentation of complex information about fine art. After seeing the benefit of Frances’ coaching, I will not hire anyone without her approval.

Ronald K. Parker, Ph.D.


Parker and Parker Art 


Entering this industry is hard and can be discouraging sometimes with the amount of competition.  I feel like Mrs. Frances Saxton makes that better. She is kind and patient. She is encouraging and positive. I feel like I have come a long way in a short amount of time.  I am very comfortable working with Frances.  She has found my weaknesses in acting and is always trying to make it stronger.  I learn new techniques every class.  I am very happy to be working with her as my coach and I am excited to continue working with her.  I feel like I will have a bright and successful career with Frances as my coach.

-- Elettra Farah

I love taking classes with Miss Frances. 
She makes the classes fun and interesting and I've learned alot!

-- Hannah Olivia Wilhoite 

Ms. Saxton brings a level of expertise to this style of learning that is genuine. Her desire to educate her students in the art of acting is infectious and it inspires her students to strive to be better. Ms Saxton knows how to challenge her students to a higher level thinking and shows them a better understanding of acting. We searched for over a year for the right acting coach and we wouldn’t settle until we found the perfect person. We found that in Frances Saxton! And since each lesson is  online, it has been incredibly convenient and doesn’t miss on the personal connection in any way. She is fabulous! 


- Student in Baltimore 

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